About us

Reveal the mystery of each sparkling piece

We combine traditional craftsmanship, a respect for time-honoured techniques, with cutting edge technology to create pieces where care and devotion are reflected in every facet. Each creation is entirely made in-house, never leaving our workshop until it is sent to the client. By totally controlling the production process at every step we ensure the very highest standards of quality and service.


The team

The Founder

Jaqcues graduated summa cum laude from the world-famous Ecole Du Louvre, whilst working as an apprentice at Templier-Fontana, one of the world's leading workshops at the time. He then embarked on a worldwide journey that lasted for 10 years, starting at a jewellery workshop in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


Managing Director

Chotip is Jacques Prades' daughter helped to build Gamma Creations in 1984. She graduated as a Gemologist from the GIA and is currently running the company. Her expertise in the jewellery business combined with her local knowledge make her a valuable asset to the business.

Marketing Manager

Samuel Rennes graduated as a Gemologist and has a strong passion for stones and extensive knowledge of the jewellery manufacturing process. Samuel's knowledge of luxury trends and his communication skills make him the perfect link between Gamma Creations and our customers.